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Hourglass Studios is an industry standard, Pro Tools recording facility. 

Located in Wilmington, NC

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Contestants will qualify for our Judges Panel if their video post reaches 600+ 'Likes' on the Hourglass Studios Timeline ]

To keep it fair, each contestant's video will have 10 days to gain 'Likes' ]

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-Judging Criteria-                  -Points-

Performance                                           20

Marketability                                          10

Lyricism                                                   10                                       

Rhythm                                                     20

Pitch                                                        20

Originality                                              20

Total                                                 100

** PLEASE NOTE: Contestants are NOT judged on the quality of the video - instead our judges will focus on your music's potential **


How well do you put on a show for your audience? Are you fun to watch? Do you have stage presence? There may not be a physical audience present when you perform your song for the video, but there will be an online audience that views your live performance. Put on a show! (The judges will consider that there is no crowd interaction, but try to entertain your audience)


How marketable is your song? Is your song catchy? Will listeners tap their foot or bob their head to your song? Does it have a nice groove for dancing? These are all questions the judges will ask when scoring your song and video. Marketability is crucial in pursuing a music career. It's the key to growth and sustainability in the music industry. Besides songwriting, your image is crucial for marketability. Your "look" as a band or artist really makes a difference. You want to appeal to your target audience.


Lyricism = an artist's expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way. Put simply, does your song have good lyrics? We're looking for lyrics that are relatable and/or creative. The more fans your lyrics appeal to, the better.


This is simple. The tighter and more well rehearsed you or your band is, the better your song will turn out. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect and we don't always nail every part of every song at every show. But a performance where all the instruments hit on time and start/stop when they're supposed to, makes a huge difference. It can determine whether a new listener is "feeling" your music or not.


A similar situation applies for pitch. No one wants to hear someone singing out of tune. Be rested and relax your vocal chords. Here is a link to some great tips for prepping your voice.  Rehearse together as much as you can so that the best take we get is truly a great take.


How original is your song? We'll be looking for creativity in your songwriting. The judges have heard it all before. You don't want them to see your video and think, "Hey that sounds just like another song I've heard before." Not only have you potentially copied another artist, but now the listener is not paying as much attention to your tune, as they are trying to figure out what other song your song sounds like. Part of our goal for this competition is to bring new, talented, and potentially undiscovered music to the local community. All that being said, try to pick one of your more uniquely original songs. 

Relax. Record.

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