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The Midatlantic - Jason Andre, Steve Schroeder, Will Maxwell, Allan Upham, Ben Sciance

The Midatlantic won the 2014 Free EP Competition. We really enjoyed their time in the studio recording their album Sound Over Water. They are a talented Americana/Folk Rock band that actively play shows in Wilmington and the surrounding area. They have 5 members, but will be voting collectively. Each member will judge the contestants and we will take the average of their points.


Ryan O’Keefe - Original Sponsor 

Ryan was the sponsor of the 2013 Free EP Competition. He’s an avid supporter of Wilmington’s music scene and the studio. He is a musician himself as well as a music enthusiast. He came to us with the idea to give local talented artist a chance to record their music for free and we morphed his idea into what is now the Free EP Competition.


Eric Miller - The Penguin

Eric Miller is one of the voices of 98.3 FM The Penguin, one of Wilmington’s most popular radio stations. The Penguin strives to support local music as well as local business. Eric is better known as the lead singer of Wilmington’s own legendary Americana/bluegrass band L Shape Lot. He’s had and continues to have an impressive career down many avenues of the music industry. Thanks for joining the judges panel for the 2nd year in a row!


Scott Wagner - Goat and Compass

Scott is the proprietor of the locally owned, world famous, Goat and Compass pub in the Brooklyn Arts District. A huge supporter of the local music scene, Scott keeps this little pub filled with the best local brews and best musicians in town Thursday through Saturday. You can often find Scott also supporting the up-in-coming talent in town at the Hourglass Studios Open Mic Night on Tuesdays! We are excited to have Scott on board as a judge this year! 


Olivia Dawson - Modern Rock 98.7

Olivia can be heard over the airwaves of local radio station, Modern Rock 98.7! A newer addition to the station, Olivia started her career in promotions with Sunrise Broadcasting before securing her spot as a DJ. She is an avid music lover, and has seen the music business work from the ground up. She is also oversees the growth of the stations local lounge, supporting Wilmington's local music scene. We are very happy she will be joining our judges panel this year! 



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