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Hourglass Studios

Hourglass Studios is an industry standard, Pro Tools recording facility. 

Located in Wilmington, NC

All Real. All the Time. No Sound Replacement.

Relax. Record.

ALL deadlines must be expressed before booking studio time! 
(CD release parties, dates, events, etc.)

Studio Guidelines

- Please be noise conscious while recording is taking place. 
- Please keep phones on vibrate or silent while in the studio. 
- No smoking inside the studio - ash trays are provided outside. Go green.
- Food and drinks are acceptable in the lounge area always, please ask about the control room or live room.
- Please keep visitors to a minimum - anyone is welcome, but understand this usually results in wasted time.
- No loitering around the studio unless HGS staff present.


Suggestions & Tips


- BE PREPARED - Get organized and practice hard BEFORE coming to the studio.
- Practice your songs together and individually WITH a METRONOME!
- Try to have all the BPM's (tempos) worked out ahead of time.
- Considering doing some preproduction work.
- Make scratch tracks at home with a click track. (This will keep everyone on the same page when the actual recording takes place). 
- Spontaneity is encouraged - BUT remember to manage your time in the studio.
- Bring anything you need that we don’t have - Check out our Gear page - you're welcome to anything you see listed.
- Guitars need fresh (and properly tuned) strings - We offer DR Strings at a discounted price.
- Drum heads should be new (or barely worn).
- Vocalists should rest their voices before studio sessions - Check out some tips for preparing your voice here.
- Carpool if possible. Go green. 


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Questions or Comments?

Email Us or Dial 910-444-1899

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