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Hourglass Studios is an industry standard, Pro Tools recording facility. 

Located in Wilmington, NC

All Real. All the Time. No Sound Replacement.

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WHEN will the Competition Begin?
--Recording and filming will begin June 13th. We are aiming to post the first videos in the beginning of August, which is when voting starts. Contestants will be given plenty of notice before their video is posted.

WHERE will the Videos be Posted?
-- HGS Facebook for Official Voting
-- HGS YouTube for our HGS collection

WHEN will my video be posted?

--  Videos will be posted in the order that they are completed in. Everyone gets the same amount of voting time, so there is no benefit for your video to be posted first or second, so on and so forth. If you’re curious about what day you can expect to see it, just ask and we’ll try to narrow it down for you. After filming is over we will know the exact order. We will contact you 3-5 days before your video is going to be posted so you can prepare and promote the release for your fans/voters!

HOW OFTEN will Videos be Posted?
--We will post 1 video each weekday for 2 consecutive weeks at the beginning of August (Starting Aug. 1st)

HOW MANY contestants are in this year's competition?
-- 10

WHOSE Votes Count?
-- ONLY  Facebook 'Likes" on the Hourglass Studios Facebook Timeline will be scored as official Competition Votes. Your fans should go to the Hourglass Studios Timeline, find your video, watch it, and cilck 'Like' to vote.

HOW LONG will Each Video get to Earn Votes?
-- 10 days from the day it was first posted to the HGS Facebook Timeline.

HOW do I get to the Judges (Final) Round?
--Obtain 600 'likes' on your official video.

HOW will the Contestants be Scored?
--Based on point system that follows a rubric we've created. The rubric covers key elements that the judges will be looking for in each video. Such as performance, marketability, lyricism, rhythm, pitch, and originality. All judges scores will be averaged together to produce each constants score. Contestant with the highest score wins!

WHO are the Judges?
-- Click here to meet our Panel of Judges.

WHEN will the 2016 FREE EP Competition be Over?
-- Winner's will be announced 3 days after the last contestant's video voting period is over (~August 25th).

WILL we get a copy of the song?

-- Yes. As soon as voting for your video is over, we will send you the master audio for your video. The videos will be posted on our YouTube channel in addition to our Facebook page. You’re more than welcome to share, or take them from our channel. If you aren’t sure how to do that and would like a separate copy of your video just let us know and we’ll send it to you after voting is over.


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