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Hourglass Studios

Hourglass Studios is an industry standard, Pro Tools recording facility. 

Located in Wilmington, NC

All Real. All the Time. No Sound Replacement.


Take a listen to some of our previous work below.

ALL deadlines must be expressed before booking studio time! 
(CD release parties, dates, events, etc.)

Studio Guidelines

- Please be noise conscious while recording is taking place. 
- Please keep phones on vibrate or silent while in the studio. 
- No smoking inside the studio - ash trays are provided outside. Go green.
- Food and drinks are acceptable in the lounge area always, please ask about the control room or live room.
- Please keep visitors to a minimum - anyone is welcome, but understand this usually results in wasted time.
- No loitering around the studio unless HGS staff present.


Suggestions & Tips


- BE PREPARED - Get organized and practice hard BEFORE coming to the studio.
- Practice your songs together and individually WITH a METRONOME!
- Try to have all the BPM's (tempos) worked out ahead of time.
- Considering doing some preproduction work.
- Make scratch tracks at home with a click track. (This will keep everyone on the same page when the actual recording takes place). 
- Spontaneity is encouraged - BUT remember to manage your time in the studio.
- Bring anything you need that we don’t have - Check out our Gear page - you're welcome to anything you see listed.
- Guitars need fresh (and properly tuned) strings - We offer DR Strings at a discounted price.
- Drum heads should be new (or barely worn).
- Vocalists should rest their voices before studio sessions - Check out some tips for preparing your voice here.
- Carpool if possible. Go green. 

Questions or Comments?

Email Us or Dial 910-444-1899